Spring Lake has 3 different trails (deer, fox and rat) adding to a total of 10 miles of sweet singletrack. The Fox starts on the south side of the dam just off the parking lot. Its a short fun loop back out almost were you started. Then you can cross the dam and start the deer/fox trail. From there you can follow the signs. To go on rat take the deer and a ways back you can go left onto it. Rat is a very tough 2.5 mile loop back out to deer. The trails at Spring Lake are tight in some spots and they do have lots of bridges and log piles. Its is really challenging and the hills just keep coming.

Also note that if you are planning to come ride our 10 mile trail system that we even have showers up at the camp grounds. With all that is here you can make it a great weekend camping trip. These trails are a hidden secret of Macomb. Have fun!

Getting to Spring Lake Park

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Spring Lake – Trail Map